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The Ascendant Range



Neon & Noble Ascendant Eye Boost Gel

The tell-tale signs of age or tiredness around the eyes fade significantly when Ascendant Eye Boost Gel does its work.  This light gel, which can be worn day and night, visibly reduces dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.

Eye Boost Gel  is specifically formulated for the sensitive skin around eyes and contains Matrixyl® to work on matrikine peptides, Haloxyl® (Palmitoyl Peptide Complex) to gently reduce dark circles and Eyeliss®, which works on damaged capillaries and  the elasticity of the skin to gradually improve drainage and reduce the build-up of fluid that causes puffiness.

Eye Boost Gel will continue to do its restorative work even when worn under makeup.


Neon & Noble Ascendant Skin Balancer Serum

Formulated to provide you with both immediate and long-term benefits, Ascendant Skin Balancer Serum acts on two distinct levels.

You will experience an improvement in tone and firmness of your skin but, perhaps more importantly, over time you'll notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles; the size of pores will be reduced; any skin redness will begin to fade and your skin will become more elastic as your skin's hydration becomes more balanced.

Ascendant Skin Balancer Serum contains Matrixyl® and Renovage®, patented ingredients designed to improve the appearance and texture of skin.


Neon & Noble Ascendant Age Defiance Cream

If you want people to be surprised when you tell them your age (or believe you when you shave off a few years), Ascendant Age Defiance Cream will be your secret weapon.

Ascendant Age Defiance Cream will smooth lines on your forehead, around your eyes and those tell-tale wrinkles around your nose and mouth.

Designed to produce similar results to cosmetic injections, this state of the art cream is a gentler, safer alternative as it firms, lifts and tightens your skin, reducing wrinkle depth and moisturising in the process.

If you're considering injections, we recommend that you try this non-invasive approach first because, when used as directed, we're confident you'll be delighted.


Neon & Noble Ascendant Neck Lift Cream

Even when your face looks great your neck and chest can let you down by giving away your age.  Ascendant Neck Lift Cream is specifically designed to address this by lifting, tightening and firming your skin and reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles as it moisturises deep into the tissue.

When you use it as directed and as part of your skincare regime we know you'll be delighted with the results, especially when people tell you how well you look.




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